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ASU Local Scholarship Fund

ASU Local Scholarship Fund

ASU Local Scholarship Fund


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Your generosity to the ASU Local Scholarship Fund benefits students from low-income households who are currently excluded from the opportunities that a college degree provides. Many of these students are not receiving the guidance, support and peer social interactions required to be successful. These high-performing high school graduates deserve a better route to a bachelor's degree and access to the many benefits a postsecondary education provides.
Thousands of students in California who are college-ready face a harsh reality when they are not admitted to state colleges and universities because of capacity constraints. Arizona State University is uniquely positioned to fill this gap with a high-quality and affordable bachelor's degree program that meets the needs of academically qualified high school graduates who have been excluded either due to economic circumstance or institutional capacity constraints. This new collegiate offering, ASU Local, aims to repair the historically poor degree attainment rates of this student population. Too many of these students have to choose between paying for rent or food. Too many struggle to buy the books needed to participate in their classes. Many cannot afford a computer or internet access. Many have to support their families by working long hours at jobs that impede their college career. Your investment will alleviate the burden of laptops, textbooks, transportation and other barriers to access in college. For example: - A gift of $10 pays for a meal. - A gift of $50 pays for a textbook. - A gift of $500 pays for a laptop. - A gift of $5000 pays for a scholarship. It is estimated that by 2028, ASU Local could serve more than 48,000 students, including more than 28,000 students of color in the major metropolitan areas of California. Your generosity will offer them a clearer path to a college education.
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