Global Health Collaboratory

Global Health Collaboratory

Global Health Collaboratory


Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

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The Global Health Collaboratory Fund enables the college leadership team to advance nursing and health excellence through study abroad and service-learning opportunities. Your support will equip students to work in diverse international communities, establish key partnerships and build the scientific knowledge base on nursing and health topics.

The first study-abroad program by the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, titled, ?From Lima to Machu Picchu: Exploring Healthcare and Culture in Peru,? exposes students to real-world health challenges and opportunities that face communities beyond the United States. For two weeks, students travel through Peru, from large cities like Lima to small communities, and engage in service learning to understand traditional and rural health practices. Through this program, students develop a stronger relationship with the communities they serve, and gain a deeper understanding of providing health care to diverse populations.

Because of you, the Global Health Collaboratory Fund is able to advance nursing and health education in global communities and establish key partnerships to deliver quality healthcare to a diverse set of community members around the world.

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