School for the Future of Innovation in Society

You have great impact when you make a gift through the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, where we are dedicated to preparing for the kinds of futures that we will want to inhabit. Your support fuels critical faculty research and the academic success of students studying the promises and challenges of new technologies. Together, we can transform imagination into innovation that links with social needs and values, and build the intellectual framework that will shape our future for the good of all humanity.

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Your gift to the Future of Innovation Refugee Education Fund provides scholarship support to students whose educations have been interrupted by displacement as a refugee so they can continue their studies at ASU. Learn More
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How can science and technology contribute to an improved quality of life for the greatest number of people? This is the organizing question for the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes. Your gift to the consortium enables it to enhance the contribution of science and technology to society’s pursuit of equality, justice, freedom and quality of life. Learn More
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