The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

As the academic heart of the university, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides a redefined liberal arts and sciences education to nearly all ASU students. In fact, of all the undergraduates who graduated from the university last spring, 94 percent of them took at least one course from the college during their academic career.

To continue our mission of creating unmatched access to excellent education, we need your help. Your support of the funds below help us continue to bring a positive change to students and the community by funding scholarships, research and change-driving initiatives.

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Your philanthropic support fuels discovery and innovation in the science of human origins. Learn More
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You help us help dogs by funding research that explores the many aspects of dog behavior and cognition. Learn More
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ASU's Interplanetary Initiative is a leading space center where private-public partnerships drive the future of space exploration. The initiative identifies key needs in space exploration and fills those needs by creating interdisciplinary teams. Your support will enable students, faculty and staff to build the future of humans in space and create a bolder, better society. Learn More
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