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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon, one of humankind’s greatest technological achievements. When first imagined, putting a man on the moon (and bringing him safely back to Earth) was a bold goal that pushed organizational and technical capacities to their limits. Beyond provoking discussions about what destinations might follow the moon, this accomplishment has also posed a question central to science and innovation: How can we put man on the Moon but remain unable to address poverty, inequality and other of the most pressing challenges here on Earth?


The School for the Future of Innovation in Society is not just a school — but it is also a catalyst for linking innovation to public value. The School’s faculty, students, and partners like you recognize the need for scientists and innovators to care for the future they help create.


Your gift on Sun Devil Giving Day ensures student success and access to our expanding programs, both inside and outside the classroom. Invest in a new generation of scholars and practitioners, unbound by traditional disciplines, with the skills and insights needed to design and deploy transformative innovations oriented to the great scope of humanity, not just the privileged few.


Together, with your support, we have the opportunity to imagine innovations, as bold as the moon shot, and secure a future for everyone!


SFIS Charter Awards & Student Support

Annual Charter Award Scholarships for 12 students school-wide who demonstrate the values of the ASU Charter. 


SFIS Refugee Education Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for students whose educations have been disrupted by displacement as refugees due to conflict or disaster.


CSPO Washington D.C. Summer Internship

Provides a fully-funded competitive summer internship in Washington D.C. at the Center for Science and Policy Outcomes.


SolarSPELL Student Travel & Field Experience

Enables students to travel to international locations to assist with SolarSPELL implementations in the field.


Imagination and Climate Futures Fellowship

Provides a graduate or undergraduate student funding to pursue an original project on Climate Futures. 

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